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When choosing a menu think about what you like to eat – it is your wedding day! Think about your venue and what time of day you will be eating. Do you have a particular theme? Do you have extra guests arriving for the evening? There are plenty of different ways you can feed your guests.

Where do we begin?

First of all it is important to think about how the food will fit into your day. Do you want guests to sit at tables and have food served to them or would you like a more informal setting with guests collecting food from different stations?

Our brochure is designed to cover a whole variety of dining styles, rest assured all the styles have been tried and tested. We have many years experience in wedding catering and we can advise you how to best to use our menus to fit your day.

The sample menus you will see on this website are just a selection of what we can offer so do get in touch for our full brochure!

Formal Dining…

When we think of formal dining we think of canapes followed by a three or four course sit down waitress served menu, followed by evening food such as cheeses, meats and pates or bacon baps or mini pasties. A lot of our clients are still drawn to this option so we have dedicated Part One of our brochure to this style of dining.

We have amuse bouche, starter, mains and desserts, all separated into Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter, and then further categorised as vegetarian, fish, meat or poultry. Each style of dining has a starting price (based on a minimum of two courses for a wedding breakfast) with the option to add on special dishes and courses with the inclusion of a surcharge. To get a bespoke quotation, please choose dishes that you’d like to use in a menu and we will then price for your exact requirements..

Offering a choice to your guests...

Formal dining offers two options, option one is a set menu where all guests have the same dish for starter, main and dessert (where required we will cater for vegetarian and dietary requirements). Option two is a choice menu whereby you choose three dishes for starter and main course, and one trio of desserts. Guests then have to pre-select which starter and main course they would like to have from your choice of three (one of these choices should be vegetarian for each course). Once guests have selected all their options you then need to detail on their namecards at the table which choice they are having so we can serve everyone correctly and efficiently. A choice menu increases the price slighly more than a set menu as we need to employ more staff to complete the menu.

Informal Dining...

Informal dining covers a huge range of styles. Our Feast Rustic Table is designed to wow your guests but still offer an opportunity for you to design a seating plan and have guests sat at tables. The Rustic Table is essentially a buffet station where we call guests to come up and collect their food. This style offers a lot of choice for you and your guests and also allows guests to choose how much they would like to eat! The Rustic Table can be hot, cold or bbq or even spit roast!

Afternoon Tea or High Tea can be served to the tables, from a buffet station or even as canapes. We can hire contemporary or vintage china depending on your theme.

Mini Bowl Food allows for your guests to eat whilst standing, this can be a really fun way to feed your guests with lots of different options to keep everyone happy!

The butcher's block and sharing pots are served to each table and guests then help themselves, this is great ice breaker and can add real theatre to your day.

Do you want to offer something really different? Check out the street food to recreate a festival vibe for your day.

All the informal menus can be mixed with the more formal dining, for instance you can have an individually plated dessert for the Rustic Table or you could have a mezze starter sharing board followed by formal main and dessert dining.

More Food!

It isn't just about the wedding breakfast! Champagne and sunshine can make guests peckish so we offer a whole range of canapes to help. Want something different? Try having mini cones of Sweet Potato Fries or Crispy Crackling with Apple Sauce.

Need to keep the energy levels up for the dancing? We can provide cheeseboards, bacon baps, pie and mash, mini sliders, pizza, hot dogs.... the list is really long and really tasty!!!

Staying in a country house, don't want to cook the night before or do you need breakfast or brunch the morning after? We offer a solution for all these situations from full English Breakfasts, to Chilli and Rice pots to continetal hampers and cheese and meat platters.

A Selection of Sample Menus for Weddings & Parties

Here are just a few options to get your mouth watering... Three Course Dining Menus, Informal Dining Menus and Canape and Munchie Sample Menus.

Want to see the full brochure? get a quote